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Highlighted Grants: 2020-2021

Enrichment Grants
  • Materials
    • Spanish Novels for Levels 4H and 5H
    • Science Whiteboards
    • Bell covers for music instruments
    • Molecular Model Kits
    • Big Life Journals
    • Onyx Book Note 3E Reader
    • Microcontrollers
    • Onyx Math Software
    • Inclusion Working Group purchased racial equity themed books for classrooms that were requested by HHS teachers
  • Programs
    • Out of Rushmore’s Shadow Virtual Video
    • Virtual Anthropology
  • Teacher Training
    • Dr. Price-Dennis of Teachers College provided professional development to enhance teachers’ culturally responsive teaching practices
  • Parent Education
    • Participated in Rivertowns Parents, a consortium of Rivertowns PTSAs with the mission of promoting and fostering communication in the Rivertowns among parents, students, and schools and to provide educational resources to our communities.
    • Inclusion Working Group contributed funding to Hastings RISE online workshops on racism and racial equity
  • Other
    • Silent in Volume Anti-Racism Signs
    • Contributed to Senior Prom
    • HASP T-shirts
    • Hastings Masks for All District Employees
    • Photographers for 4th and 8th grade graduations
    • Inclusion Working Group Partnered with Race Matters on the Multicultural Book Fair
Cultural Arts Grant
  • Virtual Tour of Brooklyn Graffiti Art and Workshop
  • Zoom composer in residence and original composition for HS band and orchestra
  • Brazilian Dance Assembly
Grants Funded From COVID Relief Fund (jointly with HEF and SEPTA) and “Sponsor an Air Purifier for a Classroom” Fundraiser (jointly with SEPTA)
  • Outdoor Classroom Furniture including tables, chairs, storage sheds, portable white boards
  • Outdoor Cafeteria including outdoor picnic tables, barriers, and canopies
  • Golf Equipment for PE Classes
  • Smart Music Web Subscription
  • Air Purifiers for Classrooms

Highlighted Grants: 2019-2020:

Enrichment Grants
Line Dancing at FMS; 5th grade Liberty Science Center field trip, class visits and Professional Development; Arch 4 Kids – enriching the study of social studies through architecture (grade 4); Sweethearts and Heroes – program to encourage kindness and discourage bullying (Hillside); Ajna Indian Dance Arts Education Program (Hillside),  David Coffin – music from King’s Court – Paleolithic, Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary version of woodwind instruments (2nd grade); Salsa Dancing Residency (FMS 2020), Caramoor String Quartet (HHS 2020), Current Events with Claudia Heitler (Hillside),”Out of Rushmore’s Shadow” (2nd grade – done virtually) and Sewing with Seniors. Funded the Hillside Outdoor Classroom and the FMS playground, going forward into 2020/2021. Yearly, we fund the buses for each grade to have at least one field trip, the bird feeders at Hillside, the nature program at Hillside, and one big “ask” per school.  In addition, we funded music trips, Broadway trips, a composer in residence, the Academic Field Day/Olympics and author visits that were unfortunately cancelled. We look forward to funding those programs in the future. 

Teacher Training Grants
Partner with SEPTA to send multiple teachers to professional development courses run by the Windward School.

Student Run Activities Grants:
Be Yourself Club.

Parent Education Grants
Provided refreshments (along with SEPTA) for Family University (workshops for parents and HHS students); Parent screening of “The First Day” with filmmaker and addiction experts; and Inclusion Working Group (supports district and community initiatives that highlight, explore, and illuminate issues of diversity, inclusion, oppression and resilience)  operating and events budget. The Inclusion Working Group funded the RISE parent workshops of 7/20. 

Supplies/Equipment Grants

Hospitality Grants
Back-to-School Breakfast; Newcomers Dinner; Incoming Kindergarten Picnic; Staff Appreciation Lunches; Gifts for retiring teachers; FMS Socials – DJs, motivators and decorations; Compostable party supplies for Hillside (parent-driven); 3D Printer for Hillside, used by Hillside teacher to make PPE for first responders.

Highlighted Grants: 2018-2019:

Please see what a difference your donations and membership have made. They enrich curriculum, sponsor teacher training, provide needed supplies, support student activities, and offer education for parents. We spent over $42,000 this year and earmarked even more for next year.

Enrichment Grants:
• Afro Peruvian Music and Dance for Hillside and FMS
• To Kill A Mockingbird – Paid the bulk of ticket costs for 8th graders to attend the Broadway play
• HASP Broadway Play (HHS)
• Liberty Science Center Field Trip – 5th grade
• Judith Altman, Holocaust survivor, speaks to 7th and 8th graders about hate and anti-semitism
• Dan Yaccarino – author visit for Hillside
• Arch 4 Kids – Enriching the study of social studies through architecture (grade 4)
• A Bullying Awareness presentation with Chris Poulos, motivational speaker and world champion bicycle stunt rider (Hillside)
• David Coffin – Music from King’s Court – Paleolithic, Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary version of woodwind instruments (2nd grade)
• Sewing with Seniors
• Alternatives on Weekend Nights – Movie Night
Teacher Training Grants
Image, Sound, and Story program from Jacob Burns Film Center – professional development for Ms. Forman and Dr. Mitlak – media literacy, film analysis through lighting, props, setting, and character, and media creation (Sept. ‘19)
Literacy conference at National Council for Teachers of English for literacy coach (FMS/HHS)
Standards Institute Winter Conference – 5 day program to improve instructional practices – Math Coach (FMS)
Partner with SEPTA to support professional development for summer 2019 literacy workshops
Student Run Activities Grants
Culture Shock – This completely student-run club has three major components: art, cuisine, and charity. Their goal is to highlight the art of various cultures through a variety of captivating performances in an annual show. They attempt to unite students of all backgrounds by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents with the community. After the show, they sell food from various regions of the world to raise money for various charities. This year funds raised went to Rise Against Hunger and Kerala Flood Relief. 
Be Yourself Club – This PTSA sponsored club is open to all students, is social, and completely child-driven. It’s the only club that bridges all three schools as high schoolers from GSA serve as mentors. This year the group raised money to help environmental causes by selling t-shirts they designed, painted gorgeous, positive affirmations in the bathrooms at Hillside and FMS.  The kids designed t-shirts, sold them at Farmer’s Market to raise money, and donated $1000 to an environmental group that they chose. They want to continue the club at Hillside next year and are looking for a way to make it happen at FMS next year. (The PTSA funded supplies for their projects.) Thank you to Marie-Louise Miller and Nicole Miziolek!
Parent Education Grants
Family University – Workshops for parents and HHS students about the dangers of drugs, drinking, and the internet (PTSA & SEPTA provided food for attendees)
PTSA’s Inclusion Working Group (IWG)
Be Yourself Club – raised $1001, which they donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation that supports the Environment.
– Partnered with Race Matters to bring the first Multicultural Book Fair and Festival to Hastings from May 29 – June 2. Local food vendors, talented musicians, and students read books, created crafts, and performed for our book festival patrons. It was a huge success, and we look forward to next year being even bigger.
– Partnered with Hillside Principal Amy Cazes to provide parent workshops that correlated with the Diverse Book Initiatives rolled out this year. Teachers received professional development to support those areas. The IWG had two of three presenters provide workshops to parents to allow them the same training and understanding as the teachers.
▪ Center Lane Parent Workshop on Gender. Open to all parents.
▪ Parent workshop given by Learning Differences – Parent workshop on Strategies to Support All Learners by David Luhman, Director of School Partnerships and Innovative Practices. Open to all parents.
▪ Fostering Racial Literacy – Denis Price-Dennis, assistant professor from Teachers College, Columbia University. Open to all parents.
Needed Supplies/Equipment Grants
• Document Camera and books for Spanish 3 (HHS)
• Point and shoot digital cameras (HHS)
• Prom Bus (HHS)
• Recess Equipment (Hillside)
• Xylophone mallets for music (Hillside)
• Bird feed for bird feeders (Hillside)
• Due to high demand, the PTSA paid for an additional 300 copies of The Buzzer, A Special Issue on Race by Ross Abrams’s class (HHS)
• The PTSA surveyed FMS students during recess to get their input for additional equipment to be added to the playground. Equipment coming soon. (FMS)
Hospitality Grants
• Back to School Breakfast hosted by PTSA (Hillside)
• Newcomers Dinner hosted by PTSA (All 3 schools)
• Picnic for families with children entering kindergarten in the fall of 2019 hosted by PTSA (Hillside)
• Three Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheons – PTSA coordinated, ran, and provided additional food (All 3 schools)
• Pool party for 4th grade graduation – funded ice cream for all (Hillside)
• 8th grade graduation party – PTSA coordinated and run (FMS)
• Pre-prom pretzels and lemonade get together and bus for the senior prom (HHS)
• Gifts purchased for five teachers who are retiring after many years in our district 
• Food for 6th grade Grecian Festival (FMS)
• Food for 5th grade Latin Festival (FMS)
Grants Earmarked for 2019-2020 = $52,216
• 4th grade Arch4Kids
• Partial funding of current events grades 3 – 5
• FMS playground equipment
• Salsa dancing residency for grade 5
• HHS literacy conferences 
• Math conference (FMS – Ms. Pak) 
• Literacy conference (FMS – Dr Mitlak) 
• Hillside’s outdoor classrooms
• Teacher workshops through Windward School
Total $15,600.
For next year, the PTSA also is offering each grade $1,200 for buses to encourage a meaningful field trip for every grade. 

Highlighted Grants: 2017-2018:
The Physics Bus – A mobile exhibition parked at the schools from Sept. 18 to 20 with more than two dozen science exhibits. It was a huge hit with the third-to-sixth-grade stu- dents from Hillside and FMS who participated. The Physics Bus was made possible through a PTSA grant, one of many special events held during the school year thanks to your contributions.

Sing Us A Song – At Hillside we funded Sing Us A Song a Song for the 4th grade: Sing Us a Song has created a musical portrait of colonial times in NY for our students.  They will learn how colonists lived, their forms of entertainment, their musical instruments, songs, hymns, anthems, and stories.

Pocket Lab – At Hillside, we funded a PocketLab that will be used for physical science, weather and climate studies, and engineering projects.

Family Diversity Project – he new exhibit for the Family Diversity Project at FMS is entitled “Building Bridges: Portraits of Immigrants and Refugees.”

Bash the Trash – We have funded an assembly for Hillside to promote recycling, reducing, and reusing trash in our community.

Flexible seating for two 4th grade classes – Recent research shows that the ability to move in an environment enhances learning, concentration, and attentiveness.  Two 4th grade teachers asked for funding of NeoRok stools, Bungee chairs, and balance ball chairs.  The PTSA gave them the funding they were looking for.

Highlighted Grants: 2016-2017:
Multicultural Book Fair – Showcasing books and authors to explore multicultural issues (district-wide)

Black History Month Inventors and Achievers Exhibit (district-wide)

David Coffin See Chanty Assembly – Learning about maritime traditions through song (Hillside)

Soul Steps Assembly – Learning about step dance through interactive performance, as part of Black History Month (Hillside)

All Kinds of Families – Photo Gallery and discussion points for exploring diverse families (FMS)

Community Service Club – Supporting the new after school club to provide opportunities for students to perform community service (FMS)

Screenagers – Screening of this documentary, which explores how technology impacts kid’s development and the challenges of parenting in the digital world (district wide)

Gettysburg Trunk – Learning about American history through artifacts (FMS)

Arch4Kids – Building a model of colonial NYC and learning about its history and applying concepts in engineering and architecture (Hillside)

Ozobots – Supporting MakerSpace, programming and coding activities (Hillside)

Birds of North America – Supplying our birdfeeders at Hillside, teaching students to identify birds

Grow With It – Applying math and science concepts through growing plants (FMS)

Internet Safety – Hosting a speaker to discuss Internet safety and awareness (FMS)

Academic Challenge Team and Quiz Bowl – New buzzer systems (HHS and Community)

Dear Evan Hansen – HASP field trip (HHS)

Academic Field Day – Luncheon (HHS)

Highlighted Grants: 2015-2016:

Grant 15-18: Owning the Narrative: A Child’s Voice in Telling a Tale
The entire First Grade will have the opportunity to work with Marie-Louise Miller during their final unit, Fairy Tales.

Grant 15-16: Rivertown Dance
The entire 4th grade will get to take part in a dance project developed by RiverArts in which they focus on 3 different choreographers who have had an impact on history, Martha Graham, Jose Limon, and Georg Balanchine.

Grant 15-15: Westmunc Lunch
This Grant will provide lunch to all of the participants of Westmunc 2016.

Grant 15-13: Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival: Students-on-Stage Workshops
Reading Shakespeare can be a daunting task for even the most avid reader. This Grant supports the reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the eighth grade Language Arts curriculum with workshops conducted by the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, whose mission is to “communicate the plays with energy, clarity and invention,” is dedicated to producing the plays of Shakespeare with a fresh, new, exciting outlook.

Grant 15-11: Yoga for Fitness and Stress Reduction
A Cultural Arts Grant which brings the practice of Yoga to our middle school students for fitness and stress reduction.
During all class periods there will be at least two certified yoga instructors as well as at least one physical education staff member. Every middle school student will have the opportunity to participate.

Grant 15-10: Broadway Show for all HASP Students
HASP students to see the Broadway Show “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.”

Grant 15-09: All around the World with interactive storyteller Lou DelBianco
This Grant is for the 250 K & 1st grade Hillside students. Lou DelBianco is an interactive storyteller who incorporates diversity and multicultural education in his performances using a variety of genres such as personal narrative, folktales, songs, poetry and dance.

Grant 15-11: Fan Buses to the State Final Four Varsity Soccer Games
The Boys Varsity Soccer team has reached the State Final Four in Middletown, NY. This Grant provides a Fan Bus to what ended up being the final game.

Grant 15-08: “Playwright’s Festival”
A joint project between the High School Creative Writing class and Director Consultant Rachel Wineberg. Students spent the first weeks writing plays while the Director held worships for those students that were interested in directing the plays. The directors learned to work with actors and how to direct. Plays were cast and rehearsal held. The plays were performed as readings and the audience was asked to give feedback for the writer’s development. The students held a performance for the public.

Grant 1506: “Learning about Cultures through Art”
This is a year-long activity, guided by artist-in-residence, Alison Marra. Alison will work with our 6, third grade classes on four projects, which will enhance their Social Studies Curriculum.

Grant 1505: “Ballet Hispanico”
This world-noted dance company will be coming to our High School for a presentation on Cuban Dance. A great intro for our upper level Spanish students and other interested students, especially those traveling to Cuba later this school year!

Grant 15-02: “Current Events in the Classroom”
On a monthly basis, a news consultant will work with each individual 3rd & 4th grade class (11 classes) to introduce and enhance their knowledge of the world through the study of current events—both nationally and internationally. Science and Social Studies topics of interest (often chosen by the children) will be presented, with the opportunity for discussion regarding relevance to their lives.

Grant 15-01: “Coding with a Dash”
Computer Coding Grant for the First Grade.

Highlighted Grants: 2014-2015:

Grant 14-9: Hillside Author Visit — Marla Frazee

Grant 14-8: “Fairy Tales for First Grade”

Grant 14-106: “Salsa Festival”
Cultural Arts Grant for the 5th Grade Salsa Festival.

Grant 14-105: “A Chorus Line”
Cultural Arts Grant to support the Spring 2015 HS production of “A Chorus Line: The Musical.”

Grant 14-104: “Bash The Trash”
Cultural Arts Grant, Bash the Trash, a program that uses recycled materials to make musical instruments.

TV Studio, a new Class and a new Club
With the creation of the TV Studio, Hastings High School will now offer a class and a club that explores camera position and movement, the impact of the lighting, the editing decisions, the set, etc., by introducing students to the technological, philosophical, and practical aspects of TV production. Through hands-on training in video software, editing techniques, camera operation, and lighting decisions to work with interview skills, the exploration of narrative structures, and audience impact, the course will investigate the physical operation of a TV studio and the creative process required to develop news-based programming. (More info to come when class/club has been set-up.)

Grant 13-21: Current Events in the Classroom:
Brought News Producer Claudia Heitler in to third grade and 4th grades to explore current events in the classroom. Ms Heitler was a news producer and Matt Lauer’s booker/producer at NBC’s Today show .
Ms. Heitler worked with teachers and students concerning current events in the classroom:
Stories covered so far this school year include:
— The Keystone XL pipeline
— G20 summit
— Supreme court cases
— midterm elections
— President of Brazil’s re-election
— NYC’s proposed ban of horse carriages
— climbers’ historic climb of Yosemite’s Dawn Wall
— historic landing on a comet

Grant 14-2.Post Office Coordinators:
Over the past years as post office coordinators, Paula Higgins and Debbie Troop have worked hard to inspire children to write letters. They wrote a grant to bring the author Tim Young to Hillside. Tim is a well-known toy designer, illustrator, puppet maker and author of books such as “I’m Looking for a Dinosaur”. Tim created a short video for the kids to watch and then visited the school to share his books and tell the students about his life as a writer and illustrator.

Grant 14-3 “Made w/Code” workshop:
Technology Education Teacher Christopher Koeogh partnered with the Girls Inc’s “Made w/Code” program to inspire the FMS girls who are interested in computer code to design develop to real work problems. This Google developed the program to encourage young girls to explore their interest in technology and coding to help bridge the gender gap in that profession.

Grant 14-7: Hillside Bird Feeders:
Promote awareness of wildlife by maintaining the bird feeders in Hillside and providing all bird food.

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival- Student-on-Stage Workshops:
The English department supplemented the eight grade reading of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with workshops conducted by the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. The workshops brought Shakespeare to life, enhancing the students’ understanding of the play’s language, immersed students in the interpretation of character and textual analysis and engaged students in interpretation theater activities. Actors visited classes early in the readings to discuss the text and later returned to work as consultants to help the student to apply and practice what they learned.

In this four day residency every Hastings High School student took part in a yoga class during their 80 minute block for physical education.

14-101- Playwright Festival:
A joint project between the High School Creative Writing class and Director Consultant Rachel Wineberg. Students spent the first weeks writing plays while the Director held worships for those students that were interested in directing the plays. The directors learned to work with actors and how to direct. Plays were cast and rehearsal held. The plays were performed as readings and the audience was asked to give feedback for the writer’s development. The students held a performance for the public.

Additional Grants:

Smithsonian Traveling Trunks
New AP Biology Lab Experience
Flagpole and stand
World Communs. Artifacts/Art
Supporting Readers w/ Technology
(Kindles)(+ 300 credit at book fair
Wooden trifold poster boards
Young Writers Conf. bus
WestMUNC luncheon
Lou DelBianco storyteller
ALA Award books
Bird feed (10 months’ worth)
Bird feeders upgrade
Books for RTI
Graphic novels
The Fault in Our Stars (comm. Rd)
Portable PA system for sports
Portable scoreboard
Soccer wall set

Cultural Arts Grants:

Steel drum clinician
Chinese ribbon dancers
H.V. Shakespeare workshop
P.E. hip-hop dance residency
The Tempest pilot project
Steel drum covers

PTSA Grants 2021-2022 Information and Application

Each year the PTSA is pleased to provide grants for projects that enrich the school experiences of our students. The projects typically supplement the curriculum by providing materials or resources not covered in the school budget. Whenever possible we ask that any outside artist or provider register with the BOCES program.

What kinds of grants are there?

  • Enrichment Grants are intended to help enrich the curriculum by trying something different, exposing students to outside presentations, or purchasing new materials or equipment. Last year these grants ran from about $180 to $3000.
  • Cultural Arts Grants support hands-on workshops, artist residencies or assemblies in fine arts, music, dance, drama and creative writing, and generally benefit a large group of students. They are usually fewer in number and larger in amount than enrichment grants, and run from about $500 to $5000. Cultural Arts Grants are reviewed by a joint School District – PTSA Grant Committee.

The PDF below includes additional information and the PTSA Grant Application.

How do I apply?

Download and complete the PTSA Grant Application Form (above). Please email your completed forms to our Grants Officer Melissa Sbrega. Please do NOT place this application in the PTSA mailbox in the school office. All Cultural Arts grants “cc’d” to Maureen Caraballo at

You will receive an email confirmation when we receive your grant application.