Join the 
Hastings PTSA

Joining the HOH PTSA allows you to receive the essential PTSA calendar and lets you get involved in engaging and empowering our children and parents. Dues go towards funding our programs and State and National advocacy efforts on behalf of all children.

Find our tent at the Hastings Farmer’s Market 
• Saturday, August 31
• Saturday, September 7
• Saturday, September 14
or sign up at Back to School Nights.

Membership: $25
Additional Family Member: $5
Student only: $10
Teacher/Staff: $25
To use Cheddar UP, there are processing fees to the individual:
Credit Card fee is 3.5% PLUS .45 (so for a $25 membership, the total will be $1.33)
Check is .45c processing fee
Follow the “Cheddar Up” link and become a member!
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Pizza Friday
Fall 2019

It’s almost time for the First Session of the PTSA sponsored optional lunch program, Pizza Friday! The First Pizza Friday session will start on Friday, September 27, 2019.

The PTSA is now only accepting registration and payment online using CheddarUp. It’s simple and secure! Download the flyer for details

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Pace Car: 
Take the Pledge

In an effort to calm traffic around town and keep our kids and other pedestrians safe, the PTSA has started a Pace Car program, similar to Dobbs Ferry and Irvington.  Pledge to drive safely and follow the traffic rules, and you will receive a magnet to put on the rear bumper of your car!  Here’s the pledge:


As a HOH Pace Car driver, I pledge to:

  • Drive within the speed limit and obey all traffic regulations, especially near schools.

  • Share the road safely with pedestrians, bicyclists, and other drivers.

  • Yield to pedestrians who are within the crosswalk and at unmarked intersections.

  • Put my phone down while driving. I will not drive while texting or making phone calls (even making hands-free phone calls impairs safe driving).

  • Walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation whenever possible.

  • Display the HOH PACE CAR magnet and decal on my car.

  • Encourage others to take the HOH PACE CAR pledge.

Follow the “Cheddar Up” link and become a Pace Car driver!

Pay with Cheddar Up

Gives Back

DeCicco’s has changed the way it collects receipts for the rebate program that helps our schools! You MUST take action to keep the contributions coming!
For several years, DeCicco’s has generously given back 1% of total purchases to local school PTSAs, based on receipts left in boxes by the door. In 2015-16, this amounted to $xxx donated to the Hastings PTSA, allowing us to fund many efforts for our kids.
Starting this fall, DeCicco’s will contribute automatically when your DeCicco’s card is scanned. You must make sure your card is linked to Hastings schools for your kids to receive this benefit.
If you already have a DeCicco’s card, it can be linked to Hastings Schools. You can do so by visiting the Customer Service desk in the Ardsley DeCicco’s store or by filling out this form, which is submitted directly to DeCicco’s Ardsley.
If you do not have a DeCicco’s card (or if you have lost yours), you may fill out the attached paper form and bring it to the Ardsley store. Blank forms are also available at the store.

Hastings PTSA

The Hastings PTSA is a nonprofit, membership assoc that seeks to bring together the home, school and community on behalf of all children and youth.